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About Us

Henson Vidoc Co. Pte Ltd has been in business, providing various type of electrical test equipments, since 1980. As an independent distributor, Hendon Vidoc has supplied customers with quality products and customer centered services. It has been supplying only genuine products procured from authorized sales reps and distributors.

Now to create synergy for the best opportunities for success, we are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Bigshine Worldwide Inc. starting from the year 2014.

Bigshine worldwide is a company which offers an assortment of semiconductors and electronic component with the global network. Bigshine Korea Co., Ltd is the headquarter of Bigshine Worldwide. Bigshine Korea has over $100 M sales revenue as an authorized semiconductor sales rep. Its major customers are world class companies such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, and many other manufacturing companies in South Korea. Since 1989, it has been a sales representative for famous semiconductor manufacturers.

Henson Vidoc's goal is to provide only the best services to our clients.
We are very thankful to your support throughout the past two decades.

Management Based on Esteem for Human Dignity
All human activities are done for and by human beings. And we live by that the human dignity and right should be considered first in enterprising business and that benefits coming from enterprising should be returned to human society. Therefore we, Big Shine Worldwide, put the highest value to our employees and customers and will keep trying to contribute to the society bring the quality of life

Creating value for Customers
We truly believe; that only the honest company caring about its customers' sake can achieve the success and that only the company serving customer all heartedly can grow and survive. And Big Shine will always walk with our customers together

Self-Reformation & Innovation
It totally depends on how to adapt to the rapid changing environment for a successful business enterprising and surviving among the competitions. Thus we, Big Shine, will take endless steps to innovate ourselves to grow and develop in order to be a leading company in 21 century

Global Networks
We are taking a step into the world along with a tide, Globalization; the world is becoming a small market entity due to endless competition beyond the national boundary. In this trend, we established a global network system which can unite all Big Shine Branches in USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia, and expanding our territory in order to provide world class products for customers and to meet their needs. Now Big Shine spurts to be a leading enterprise.

Rich Traditions
For the past two decades, Big Shine has been helping the OEM, CEM and distributor sectors meet and exceed their procurement needs.Big Shine has been built on the foundation of serving our customers and will continue to adhere to this most important principle.In this dynamic environment where many things change,one constant remains for Big Shine : superior customer service.

Big Shine is perfectly positioned in the vast global network with access to one of the largest inventories.Having offices in key markets throughout the world has enabled Big Shine to offer an enormous assortment of semiconductors and electronic components, even those parts that some call obsolete, allocated or hard-to-find.

Whether you need customized programs for your excess inventory or need resolutions for your end-of-life items, Big Shine will provide the right solutions to your unique situations. At Big Shine , we strive to decrease the ever increasing workload of today’s purchasing agent.

With a real-time global logistics network, Big Shine is able to ship directly from four of the major semiconductor producing nations which in many cases may save a day or more that can feel like an eternity when trying to meet time sensitive project deadlines. This global network empowers the customer to receive the parts when they need them.